Riding a boat into a waterfall

At Iguazu, we rode a boat into the waterfalls. Like this….


It was more expensive and far shorter than the ecological tour I’d wanted to take (not running due to water levels being too low), but it was definitely worth it.


Not only did we ride into this impressive cascade, we also rode into the second biggest section of the waterfalls. Twice!


See that huge cloud of white spray? That’s where the boat took us. Those few seconds we spent surrounded by water were a tumult of noise, whiteness, and great pressure as the torrent gushed down on top of us. It was amazing. Everyone was grinning and dripping with water as we left the boat.

Aventura Náutica
Cost: 125 pesos
Location: Argentinian side of Iguazu Falls

1 thought on “Riding a boat into a waterfall

  1. Hey Rosie!
    That seems really cool! (‘Massaged’ by water, I mean)
    You know, there is a traditional Chinese healing therapy that includes being massaged by a waterfall?
    The Iguazu falls are definitely bigger than what the ancient people had in mind, of course, and much more beautiful! That last photo was dashing! Showing the Falls in all it’s glory, picturesque, kind of like Middle Earth, don’t you think? And the mist? Definitely dreamy.
    Again, that was an awesome photo.

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