El Chaltén, Argentina

It only exists for tourism. It’s cold, expensive and far far away from the nearest town. You’ll pay extra for your hostel, and splurge if you decide to eat out. But like the lamb ravioli I savored there, El Chaltén is worth the cost. Its isolation is precisely what makes it so special. The pristine Patagonian countryside provides stunning views of spiky and sheer Cerro Fitzroy, strangled looking half-dead trees and the valley of the town itself. Despite the priciness of everything in town, there are countless hours of free trekking opportunities. The spooky layering of clouds over the mountains at dusk, that hypnotized us from the bus window as we drove away, was also free.








El Chaltén can be reached by bus from El Calafate from the south or Bariloche from the north.

4 thoughts on “El Chaltén, Argentina

  1. I’m going to be in El Chaltén in December – do you have any suggestions for the best excursions to do? I’ve seen a number of websites with lists of treks but I can’t decide which I want to go on! How many days did you spend in El Chaltén?


    • Sorry, I’m late to reply. We only spent one full day in El Chaltén and just did a day trek. There were lots of maps with info about longer treks while we were there. I’d recommended that you bring some food with you from Buenos Aires or wherever you’re coming from, because everything there is really expensive. If you can find a hostel with a kitchen that you can cook in, you’ll save a lot of money. It’s beautiful there though. Enjoy!

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