Uyuni Panoramas

There’s something about the panorama style that suits the Uyuni three day tour so well. The way the vistas are distorted seems to mimic the strange giddy feeling of being at high altitude in a landscape so different from anywhere else on Earth.

Click a picture to see it bigger.













67 thoughts on “Uyuni Panoramas

    • I’d like to take credit for these wonderful landscapes, but honestly, I think it’d be hard not to take great photos here. The scenery just makes every shot look good! The panorama setting is probably my favourite feature on my camera, although it doesn’t always work well (in low light conditions, for example).

      • I love the panoramas! I love taking them too, I have some from Uyuni too, I have a DSLR though so use photo stitching software to put the shots together as panoramas, which is handy because then you can included as much or little as you want! I love how your site is set up too, I still don’t know how to makes pages yet…hmm you’re giving me ideas.

      • One day…one day I’ll get a DSLR. For now I make do with my compact, which isn’t too bad really. Glad you could take some inspiration from here – that’s what blogging’s all about, sharing and learning 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed the pictures!

      The weather was pretty cold, even in the middle of the day, because of the wind chill. It was also the coldest time of the year. Although it did get really hot in our jeep when the sun was on it (I had to strip down to my t-shirt) and considering none of us had proper winter clothes, just lots and lots of layers, we didn’t freeze too much.

  1. Stunning mate! I never shot a panorama before, maybe I should try it.
    Just a question though, is Uyuni the same place that look like huge glass being put in the surface (now I’m confuse myself, I hope you get what I mean)?

  2. No words to talk about any snap shots.. not even a caption….but the amazing fact is that the pictures themselves tell a lot no word in any spoken language would have ever been able to express.

    Great pics indeed found stylist expressions in your enthralling style.

  3. I can’t wait to get there and see it for myself. We (my girlfriend and I) are on a year long journey starting from Mexico and spanning to Brazil. Currently we are in Colombia but keep hearing great things about Uyuni. I hope to get some great reflection shots. Congrats from a fellow photographer/freshly pressed alum!

  4. You nailed the essence of the locations with these panoramas! There is something about vast openness and empty spaces that leaves many of in awe. Trying to capture that is near impossible to convey to people that have never been there before. Great post my friend. Do you mind if I repost the photos and some of your reflection on them over at

  5. Grr… sorry, I have been trying so hard to get to the Salars in Bolivia. I’ve been to South America on 3 separate occasions and never made it! I even wrote a post about it and my other biggest travel regrets”

    Hopefully someday I can have a post with self taken panoramic’s as beautiful (or not) as yours!

  6. Beautiful place… very well captured!!… i m guessing the panorama style is really showing the full scenery, with everything right in place that can’t be viewed in a normal picture…. lovely!… i m a sucker for nature and good photography of great places…

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