Relaxing with Educación y Futuro in Rosillas

Educación y Futuro are a locally-run non-profit organization which run several programs in the local community. From their base in Rosillas, they organize treks and horse-riding in the surrounding villages and mountains of the Valle de las Cóndores. The starting and end point for these activities is la Torre, their lovely guesthouse on their farm in Rosillas.


They produce bread, yogurt and cheese on a small scale and visitors to the farm can watch the process and taste the finished products.


You also get to try ambrosia, fresh milk mixed with singani (Bolivian liquor) and a little cinnamon and sugar. It was warm, frothy and delicious.


The farm has a plant nursery where they grow trees to be used in reforesting the local area.


There’s an array of cute farm animals and pets (except for the one called Gollum, which is easy to spot).









Contact Educación y Futuro through their website at or their shop, Ecosol, on Plaza Sucre in Tarija.

7 thoughts on “Relaxing with Educación y Futuro in Rosillas

  1. As usual,I keep coming back to your blog… your posts are always so interesting, so colorful & informative… whenever I’m in need of inspiration, here’s my first stop! 😮 we’re simply loving our time in Bolivia… so much to see and experience! If you’d be kind to give me your comments on this [English version] on our trip to mystic Copacabana, it’d be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 😮

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  3. Thanks a lot for this awesome review and those stunning photos. Gollum/Tango (his name keeps changing ;)) is still alive and well.

    I have a favor to ask, we had a problem with our website, could you please update your links? One can now reach us via . And your page keeps poping in the first page of Google. Which speaks great about your internet presence. And also really bad about ours 😉

    Again, a big thank you for this review and for the post about the trek.

    • Updated just now. And I had no idea I was on Google’s first page! We had such a great time in Tarija and the natural landscapes we saw were so breathtaking – I tell everybody about it and always recommend you to anyone who may be traveling there. I’m glad to hear Gollum/Tango is still around! 🙂

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