Flying over the Nasca lines

When we first got to Nasca, we went to both the natural and man-made lookout points to try to view the famous lines. However, if you have the money, flying is really the only way to appreciate these huge geoglyphs. It´s a dizzying flight in a very small plane, and although you get to see the lines well, taking good pictures is another matter.

view towards the natural mirador from the man-made look-out tower


trapezoids / arrows

man / alien / astronaut







tree and hand / frog (and man-made lookout tower)


heading back to Nasca – in the background you can see Cerro Blanco, at 2, 078m the highest sand dune in the world

For another small plane flight, see our trip to Rurrenabaque. For more on the experience of flying at Nasca, see here.

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