Huacachina was one of those places we just decided to visit on the spur of the moment. I wasn’t really looking forward to this ‘backpacker oasis’, but the chilled-out atmosphere, delicious seafood and huge sand dunes, not to mention another spur of the moment decision to go sand-boarding, meant I ended up loving our short time here.

An oasis in the middle of sand dunes, Huacachina felt, and looked, like a film set.

Getting to the area where we went sand-boarding was like a roller-coaster ride. All the different drivers were competing with each other to make their tourists scream the loudest.

Sand-boarding on the belly is a lot easier than trying to stand up.

I ended up with pockets full of sand and very bruised hips. But it was worth it.

A two hour sand-boarding trip costs 35 Soles.

2 thoughts on “Huacachina

  1. Your photos are great!
    In the Sunday SF Chronicle was an article that made me think of your adventure. It is about a man walking out of Africa, across Asia, and plans to go down from Alaska and walk to the tip of South America i.e. he is tracing early man’s migration route. (With help from National Geographic>)

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