Most backpackers we ran into told us they couldn’t wait to get out of Lima. True, it is sprawling and perpetually covered in a grey haze. But it also has a park full of cats, a pretty efficient transportation system, colorful street art, chaotic markets and one of the best Chinatowns in South America.

8 thoughts on “Lima

  1. Hey, I’m planning a trip to South America at the end of this year and your blog is really helping me get a feel for the places I want to go to. Do you have any idea where the best area to teach English as a foreign language would be? Or the place to stay longest in? I’ll be a lone female and am looking for a good mix of nightlife, sightseeing and safety. Any help greatly appreciated!

    • Following on from Twitter, I think it depends what kind of culture you’re interested in. Peru and Argentina both have cities, nightlife and sightseeing. Both are dangerous in parts. Cost of living compared to what you earn may be better in Peru, but I don’t know for sure. Wherever you do end up, think about if you have to teach split shifts or in multiple locations. You could end up spending hours of your day on public transport if you’re in a big city. This is the main reason I stayed away from Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires. If you are interested in Argentina, Salta is a great town which has a helpful expat community and plenty of students wanting to learn English. From my own experience and what others have told me, students can be a bit unreliable i.e. cancelling classes last minute, taking time off around national holidays (and South America has A LOT of them!) which means you sometimes end up with loads of free time, but less income. If you work to build up a good base of private students you should be ablt to cover living expenses, but you won’t be able to save anything. Asia on the other hand…

      • Great that’s all so helpful thank you so much!
        I didn’t think of the commuting in big cities…but I had heard that the students were a bit unreliable, yes…
        I think I will look into Asia first; the structure, reliability and prospect of paying of some university debt is very appealing although I would love to improve my Spanish but perhaps when I’ve saved a bit elsewhere.
        I will keep checking your blog for helpful tips and you may receive another question or two at some point! Thanks again 🙂
        All the best from London,

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