Trekking the Santa Cruz circuit

The Santa Cruz trek is, literally, breathtaking. With the highest point at 4,750m, the altitude left me a little breathless and very slow as I struggled uphill. Going downhill was fine, but the direction we trekked in (starting in Cashapampa) meant there was only one section that wasn’t an incline. I was constantly taking layers off and then putting them back on as the temperature fluctuated. At night I alternated between sleeping like a log and shivering wakefulness. It was all totally worth it though.

9 thoughts on “Trekking the Santa Cruz circuit

    • I’ve been that high but I tend to fall asleep if I sit down! Last time it happened …in Colombia… Friends suggested I eat something and drink lots of water. That did the trick… The light.headedness went away.

      • It’s so strange how altitude sickness affects everyone differently. I thought I was pretty good with it – until this trek! I was one of the slowest people there as I just could not get my limbs to move forward…other than that though, I felt fine.

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