Time: days 38 (northern Argentina 31 Jan -14 Feb and 3-14 April, southern Argentina 13-22 March)
Budget: $102.29 northern Argentina, $172.99 southern Argentina (per day for two people)
Itinerary: Puerto Iguazu 3 days, Cordoba 5 days, Rosario 2 days, Buenos Aires 5 days, Mendoza 6 days, Salta 7 days (northern Argentina) Bariloche 4 days, Perito Moreno town 1 day, El Chaltén 1 day, El Calafate 4 days (southern Argentina).


We criss-crossed in and out of Argentina over a number of weeks. Patagonia was much more expensive than the northern cities we visited. Although a large part of the budget was transport costs, food was also generally more expensive (and also a lot tastier – guess that’s what happens when there’s tourists about).

I’ve always dreamed of visiting Patagonia and if I had more time and money I’d have spent longer there (the area around Salta was also very beautiful). Don’t get me wrong, the cities were cool, but I’m not that interested in Argentinian culture to warrant returning to them. Instead I found the real charm lay in the landscapes.


Green House Hostel, Bariloche – this small and cosy hostel is a little out of town, but nearer to hiking trails. If you order in advance, the staff can make you awesome homemade pizza. There’s also a cute cat.
Hospedaje Lautaro, El Calafate– Belén and Dario are the BEST hosts ever; they strike a perfect match between friendliness, egality and service. Plus, they run a tiny restaurant on site which serves very delicious food. The best place we’ve stayed. Ever.


Iguazú Falls – a video

Butterflies in Iguazú – a video

Gralha de crista negra, Iguazú national Park – a video

Riding a boat into a waterfall

Protest in Cordoba

Street music in Cordoba

Photo Essay: Cordoba

Museo de Estancia Jesuitica

Photo Essay: Rosario

Carnaval Porteño 2012 in Boedo

Carnaval – a video

Photo Essay: Buenos Aires

Waitress needed

Contemporary Art Museum, Salta

Photo Essay: Salta

Quebrada de las Conchas – a video

Difunta Correa

Wine Tours

Rapanui chocolatier, Bariloche

Photo Essay: Bariloche

Route 40, Bariloche to Perito Moreno

Cueva de las Manos

Photo Essay: Cueva de las Manos

Photo Essay: El Chaltén

Things I heard over an asado in Hopedaje Lautaro

Perito Moreno Glacier

Laguna Nimez Reserve, El Calafate

3 thoughts on “Argentina

  1. Great summary! Gosh, Argentina was surprisingly expensive, wasn’t it? We’d been banking on it to be one of our “budget” destinations, but it just wasn’t so. Locals told us they have 30% inflation every year. Can you imagine!? 😦

      • I don’t think they’re managing at all. We saw some weird stuff in Argentina – men dressed in full suits looking for change in payphone and pulling bottles out of garbages – that sort of thing. It was heartbreaking to see – people are definitely struggling. 😦

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