In July 2012, we decided to make Bolivia our home for a while. When we first got to La Paz we were stunned at how beautiful it was. The sight of millions of little brick buildings clinging to the steep valley sides was one of the most amazing things we’d seen so far in South America.

We spent a month volunteering in a lovely small village outside the city, and through the wonderful people we met there we made some work contacts.

Time: 37 days (from May 2012 to July 2013)
Budget: $60.69 (per day for two people)
Itinerary: 5 days Uyuni, 5 days La Paz, 4 days Sucre, 2 days Potosí, 6 days Tarija, 8 days Samaipata, 7 days Rurrenabaque

Since we spent over a year in Bolivia, our budget looks rather different than for other countries we visited. To try and give an accurate guide of daily spending, I’ve only counted the number of days we were travelling completely as tourists rather than residents. This does not include the month we spent volunteering with Up Close Bolivia at a cost of $400 each.

The most expensive places were Samaipata and Tarija, but we didn’t really pay too much attention to spending here as these were our ‘holidays’. It would easily be possible to spend less.

Food and Drink
A cheap beer tasting in La Paz

Corea Town

Chocolate Caliente

Empanadas & api at Wist’upiku

NamasTe vegetarian restaurant

The unhealthiest fruit salad

The best and worst of street food in Tarija

Chifa Dragon

The best way to spend 20Bs in Bolivia

Salteñas and Tucumanas


Flor de Leche

Bolivian food: some of our favourites

Picana boliviana

Decent beer in Bolivia

Brunch in Sopocachi

Life in Bolivia
Interview with The Working Traveller

Volunteering with Up Close Bolivia

Bolivia bus tips

Metropolis at Centro Sinfónico Nacional

Canarios del Chaco at Teatro Municipal

Census day in Bolivia

Pedestrian day in La Paz

The £3 haircut

Christmas in Bolivia

Bolivia te espera

Bolivia’s new tourism video

Surviving transport in La Paz

La Paz and San Francisco: a completely uncalled for comparison

Warning Fail

La Paz
Colibri Camping: where to stay in La Paz

Alasitas Festival

“Evo quits politics to open a poncho shop”

Aymara New Year

El Gran Poder – a video

El Gran Poder in pictures

How to enjoy El Gran Poder

No Robar, Me Colgaron

Mirador Killi Killi

Hiking la Muela del Diablo

Contemporary Art Museum

Museo San Francisco

Cementerio General

Museo Nacional de Etnografico y Folklore

Street art in Sopocachi

Mercado Rodriguez

Souvenir fail

Los Imperdonables

Mi Teleferico

Around La Paz

Photo Essay: Tiwanaku

El Jiri Ecolodge, Coroico

Photo Essay: El Choro Trek

El Choro Trek for complete beginners


A weekend in Sorata

Banditos escondidos

Photo Essay: Lake Titicaca

The rest of Bolivia
Photo Essay: Sucre

Cementerio General, Sucre

Relaxing with Educación y Futuro in Rosillas

Max Ronald’s

Friendly Cinema Snack

Trekking el Valle de los Cóndores, Tarija

A wine tour in Tarija

Casa Blanca Hostel, Tarija

How to make teenage boys interested in history

Photo Essay: Potosí

Touring the mines in Potosí with Big Deal Tours

Writing about the mines in Potosí

Three day Uyuni tour

High Altitude Geysers

Uyuni Panoramas

Reserva Nacional de Fauna Andina “Edwardo Avaroa”

Thoughts on visiting the pampas and jungle in Rurrenabaque

Photo Essay: Las pampas of the Yacuma river

Photo Essay: Flying La Paz to Rurrenabaque

Rain in Rurrenabaque

How to spend a week in Samaipata

Photo Essay: Samaipata

4 thoughts on “Bolivia

  1. What did you do in Rurre? (i assume you did an amazon tour or maybe a pampas tour as well?) I will be in Bolivia, volunteering at La Senda Verde near Coroico for 2 months, but i have some spare time before and was thinking of heading to Rurre to do a tour. Any advice on a good tour there?

    • I’ve met a few people volunteering at La Senda Verde – you’ll have a great time! Here is a post I wrote about Rurre. I really enjoyed it there, but if you only have limited time in Bolivia I’d recommend trying to see some of the altiplano. It will be totally different from where you’ll be staying in Coroico or the jungle in Rurre.

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