Huacachina was one of those places we just decided to visit on the spur of the moment. I wasn’t really looking forward to this ‘backpacker oasis’, but the chilled-out atmosphere, delicious seafood and huge sand dunes, not to mention another spur of the moment decision to go sand-boarding, meant I ended up loving our short time here.

An oasis in the middle of sand dunes, Huacachina felt, and looked, like a film set.

Getting to the area where we went sand-boarding was like a roller-coaster ride. All the different drivers were competing with each other to make their tourists scream the loudest.

Sand-boarding on the belly is a lot easier than trying to stand up.

I ended up with pockets full of sand and very bruised hips. But it was worth it.

A two hour sand-boarding trip costs 35 Soles.